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  • chop-pd-charting-the-progression-of-disability-in-parkinson-disease

    CHOP PD: Charting the Progression of Disability in Parkinson Disease

      When this study was awarded, there appeared to be clinically meaningful benefits of short-term exercise programs on persons with Parkinson. However, claims regarding the long-term effects of exercise on disability were made without research support. Researchers examined the 2-year trajectory of disability in a group of people with Parkinson’s. By

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    • treatment-implications-for-parkinsons-disease

      Treatment Implications for Parkinson’s Disease

        People with Parkinson’s can have trouble speaking clearly and audibly. Monotone, quiet speech is often a serious problem that impacts quality of life. This study focused on targeted sensorimotor training techniques that appear to improve functional and neural outcomes. As part of the study, the lab developed animal models of slow progressive

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