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Jan Williams’ Story: Living Well, Together


Jan Williams’ Story: Living Well, Together

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How my life changed

When my husband, Joe, was first diagnosed in 2010, I felt like the rug had been pulled from underneath my feet. Thankfully, by some greater power, two people planted the seeds that changed the course of this disease for us and introduced us to a whole new community. One was a friend who had recently begun a physical therapy practice. Early on, she turned us on to a fantastic exercise program designed for people with Parkinson’s.

The other was our veterinary technician who connected us with Cheryle, another person living with Parkinson’s in our town. Cheryle told us about the Copper Triangle, a bike ride benefiting the Davis Phinney Foundation. At the ride, we learned more about the Foundation’s incredible work, which resonated with us. We became strong supporters and began fundraising on its behalf.

What I learned

The Foundation taught me that I have an important role as a care partner, and my health and happiness is all part of living well. Connie Carpenter Phinney has said that while Davis didn’t choose Parkinson’s, she didn’t sign up for this diagnosis either. There are times when I can relate! Living with someone who has Parkinson’s can be tough so I am grateful to have tools and resources created specifically for care partners.

Parkinson’s has also shown us who our true friends are, and although they are incredibly supportive, they don’t live with what we do each day. That’s why the Davis Phinney Foundation is so important. It connects Joe and me to a community of people like us. Our new community helps us over the many hurdles that are part of this journey.

Why I support the Davis Phinney Foundation

According to Joe’s doctor and care team, his commitment to exercise and active self-care has improved his symptoms and slowed his progression – it is amazing. I am happy to share that the Davis Phinney Foundation has not only helped Joe stay inspired and motivated, but they have helped me find a positive perspective in my new role as a care partner. For these reasons, we are  proud to support the meaningful work they do.

Please join me in supporting the Foundation so they can continue to help care partners like me.

Your donation helps those who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s and their care partners move beyond fear and uncertainty to have the confidence that it is possible to live well today. Joe is living proof of the difference that access to the right information and inspiration can make.


Read Joe Williams’ story

Jan Williams and her husband, Joe, first got to know the Davis Phinney Foundation as cyclists riding and fundraising at the Copper Triangle bicycle classic. Since then, they’ve come to know the Foundation “off the bike” and their enthusiastic support of the Davis Phinney Foundation draws others to our community. 


2 Comments on “Jan Williams’ Story: Living Well, Together

    • Janet Griffith

      December 28, 2016 at 12:03 pm Reply

      My husband was diagnosed in March of 2016 with Parkinson’s ..He has other health issues which inhibits use of any required meds for P.D…..He was already exercising everyday by choice ,,,now he walks on the treadmill out of necessity ..He just had his 90th birthday but with every ounce of energy he continues to get on the treadmill every morning.We are very disappointed he cannot take any prescribed medicine for P.D. Any other suggestions ?….He has a severe drooling problem also ….Any suggestions would be appreciated … Thank You Mrs. Griffith

      • Megan Boyles

        December 29, 2016 at 12:40 pm Reply

        Hi Janet – Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are reaching out to you to follow up on your comment so make sure to check your email. We appreciate your feedback. Feel free to email info@davisphinneyfoundation.org should you have any further questions.

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