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Anxiety, Marijuana and Pain in Parkinson’s: 10 Expert Answers to Your Hard Questions

Living with Parkinson’s disease can have wide-reaching effects on your body and impact on your daily life. This panel discussion features diverse perspectives from members of a Parkinson’s care team: movement disorder specialist, physical therapist and neuropsychologist. Together, they answer challenging questions that span the spectrum of Parkinson’s disease including anxiety, intimacy, pain, drooling, marijuana and more.

4 Comments on “Anxiety, Marijuana and Pain in Parkinson’s: 10 Expert Answers to Your Hard Questions


      March 23, 2017 at 4:40 pm Reply

      we are from England my husband who has parkinsons can hardly speak he is 47 both myself and our children cannot understand him for the majority of the time, this is isolating. I have bought a microphone however, his mumbles are louder it is not making what he says clearer. I am concerned that he is becoming more vulnerable by the day. Other than speech therapy which he has weekly but they say must come to an end as it is not doing anything to help, is there anything else I can do to help him be heard as well as seen.

      • Alex Reinhardt

        July 11, 2017 at 11:42 am Reply

        Michelle, thank you very much for inquiry to the Davis Phinney Foundation! In addition to using a speech therapist, I would consider looking at LSVT LOUD therapy whose website offers free resources and also has an online search tool to find a clinician in your area; it’s a global organization that has therapists in England!

        On top of LSVT, you can gain tips for conversing with confidence and also listen to a webinar by speech pathologist John Dean. John offers a series of exercises intended to help those experiencing speech and swallowing problems. I hope this helps!

    • Matt

      April 14, 2017 at 4:24 pm Reply

      Quick question. Can you have Parkinson’s and still have good balance? I surf and play basketball but have almost all the other symptoms. I’m still trying to get diagnosed

      • Alex Reinhardt

        June 9, 2017 at 10:45 am Reply

        People will experience some but not all symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. While your balance may not be affected, there are other areas of the body as well as non-motor symptoms that may be present. I would encourage you to track of all symptoms you may be experiencing prior to meeting with your doctor and neurologist. You can download our worksheets and logs at this link.

        Surfing and basketball are excellent exercises that will build your flexibility, agility, and coordination which are constantly challenged while living with Parkinson’s so stick with it!

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