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Vimeo Video tag: Living Well Challenge

  • your-exercise-plan-for-your-parkinsons

    Your Exercise Plan for Your Parkinson’s

      Mike Studer discusses how to individualize an activity program that’s reasonable for you to achieve on a daily basis — highlighting strength, tremor, balance, posture and rigidity.

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    • anxiety-marijuana-and-pain-in-parkinsons-10-expert-answers-to-your-hard-questions

      Anxiety, Marijuana and Pain in Parkinson’s: 10 Expert Answers to Your Hard Questions

        Living with Parkinson’s disease can have wide-reaching effects on your body and impact on your daily life. This panel discussion features diverse perspectives from members of a Parkinson’s care team: movement disorder specialist, physical therapist and neuropsychologist.

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      • exercising-your-body-and-mind-tai-chi-for-enhancing-motor-and-cognitive-function-in-parkinsons-disease

        Exercising your Body and Mind: Tai Chi for enhancing motor and cognitive function in Parkinson’s disease

          Peter Wayne, PhD is the Founder and Director of the Tree of Life Tai Chi Center, the Director of Researcher for the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. In this Davis Phinney Foundation Living Well Challenge webisode, Dr. Wayne highlights the

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        • managing-parkinsons-with-the-mind-of-a-dancer

          Managing Parkinson’s with the Mind of a Dancer

            David Leventhal is a founding teacher and Program Director for Dance for PD®, a collaborative program of the Mark Morris Dance Group and Brooklyn Parkinson Group that has now been used as a model for classes in more than 300 communities in 25 countries. He leads classes for people with

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          • the-effects-of-forced-exercise-on-parkinsons-motor-and-non-motor-symptoms

            The Effects of Forced Exercise on Parkinson’s Motor and Non-motor Symptoms

              Jay L. Alberts, PhD, Edward and Barbara Bell Family Endowed Chair, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Center for Neurological Restoration, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, VA FES Center and Cleveland Clinic discusses his research into the effects of forced exercise on a range of Parkinson’s symptoms. Dr. Alberts’ talk compares

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            • asleep-deep-brain-stimulation-dbs-for-parkinsons-disease

              Asleep Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson’s Disease

                David VanSickle, MD, PhD is one of a small but growing number of neurosurgeons in the US who is performing Asleep DBS surgery for Parkinson’s disease. Dr. VanSickle takes viewers into the operating room, where he discusses the history and application of DBS as a surgical therapy and shows some

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              • resiliency-as-a-tool-for-living-well-with-parkinsons

                Resiliency as a Tool for Living Well with Parkinson’s

                  Susan Imke, FNP, GNP-C is an expert in coaching families affected by Parkinson’s disease to adapt in times of stress, loss or trauma. In this Davis Phinney Foundation Living Well Challenge™ webisode, Susan discusses a range of healthy approaches for leveraging one’s signature strengths to develop the resiliency needed to

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                • the-parkinsons-lifestyle-toolkit

                  The Parkinson’s Lifestyle Toolkit

                    Claire Henchcliffe, MD, DPhil of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City gives viewers tips to build their own Parkinson’s Lifestyle Toolkit, including medication awareness, medical support, nutrition, exercise, emotional well being and complementary therapies. Dr. Henchcliffe discusses warning signs in each of these critical areas to living well with

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                  • cognitive-and-non-motor-symptoms-of-parkinsons

                    Cognitive and Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s

                      Benzi M. Kluger, MD, MS is an Assistant Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at the University of Colorado Denver. In this Living Well Challenge™ webisode, Dr. Kluger discusses how cognitive and non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms affect quality of life and how they can be treated medically or with behavior modification or

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