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Every Victory Counts® Manual

You can live well with Parkinson’s today


The experience of having run and won The Amazing Race Canada with Parkinson’s has taught me many life lessons. Two important lessons have been to pay attention and know your game. My son, Tim Jr, and I were successful because of these two critical aspects of our race. 

I am reminded that if we are to be successful in our race against Parkinson’s we also need to pay attention and know our game. I have found no better resource than The Davis Phinney Foundations Every Victory Counts manual in helping me understand Parkinson’s and to live well with this disease.

If you want to improve your game against Parkinson’s this is a must have training manual!

 – Tim Hague Sr.


The newly expanded and updated Every Victory Counts manual is available in printed form or as a digital eBook and is complemented by a companion website filled with educational and motivational videos, podcasts, worksheets and other resources to help you chart your own path to living well today with Parkinson’s.

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Please note: The print edition of the Every Victory Counts manual is currently only available for pre-order. Your manual will not ship until Spring 2018. 

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Every Victory Counts Digital
300+ pages of information and worksheets eBook for Kindle, Nook and iPad.
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The mission of U-Turn Parkinson’s is to help people living with Parkinson’s live their best through the practice of wellness. U-Turn Parkinson’s sees wellness as an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence. Learn more


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