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Steve Hovey


Steve Hovey

Steve was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2007 at the age of 50. At the time of diagnosis, Steve did not know anyone with Parkinson’s, so he and his wife Nancy took it upon themselves to learn as much as they could about Parkinson’s symptoms and treatment. Their search soon led them to the Davis Phinney Foundation, where they learned about the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, something Steve credits as significantly impacting the quality of life he continues to enjoy.

Now semi-retired, Steve continues to work part-time as a business consultant and is looking forward to sharing the message that “there are things we can do to manage our disease” as an ambassador for the Davis Phinney Foundation. “When I was diagnosed, the focus of the treatment was on medicine. The doctors never mentioned the benefits of dealing with the disease on a more holistic level – exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle,” Steve says. “Though [things are] getting better, there are still too many people who need to hear this message.”

Ask Steve About

  1. A wellness approach to dealing with Parkinson’s – exercise, diet, sleep, mindfulness.
  2. Attitude – staying positive
  3. Life after retirement

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