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Mel Dizon


Mel Dizon

Mel Dizon (rhymes with Dijon) joined the Davis Phinney Foundation as the content manager in January 2018. A long time social worker, teacher and therapist, Mel changed gears in 2005 and hung out her shingle as a freelance writer and spent the next 12 years writing many thousands of words. Her clients included entrepreneurs, national law firms, government contractors, student housing organizations, New York Times Bestselling authors, app developers, schools and tech companies like Ribbit and Google.

She decided to join the Davis Phinney Foundation so she could work on a mission and toward a vision she believes in and because she thought that working in an office with other humans every day sounded even better than white wedding cake. When she’s not writing or trying to organize all the things in life, you’ll find her trying to keep up some streak, making the “world’s best” chocolate chip cookies or drinking scalding hot like the sun decaf chai.

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