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Lily Reedy


Lily Reedy

Parkinson’s disease was part of Lily and her husband Brian’s life before they even met. Lily’s grandmother learned she had Parkinson’s when she was in her seventies and Brian’s uncle was diagnosed in his sixties. Brian was diagnosed at the age of 48. It took them three years to get a diagnosis, but, once they did, they breathed a big sigh of relief. Now they knew what they were dealing with. Quickly starting research Parkinson’s and available resources, they attended many Parkinson’s conferences, including two World Parkinson’s Congresses and The Victory Summit® event in Las Vegas a few years ago. Together, Brian and Lily are co-directors of their community’s Parkinson’s Awareness and Advocacy group and have just launched their own Parkinson’s care partners support group called SOS (Safe and Open Space).

With all the inherent ups and downs of Parkinson’s, Lily believes the one common thread to living well seems to boil down to having love and compassion/forgiveness for each other (and for one’s self), exercising regularly, following a good diet, and focusing on the things that make you happy.

Ask Lily About:

  1. Care Partner Concerns
  2. Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviors
  3. Veterans Affairs Claims


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