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Coe London


Coe London

After a number of years of denial, Coe’s husband Bill was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015.  The diagnosis came as a relief and Coe’s husband embraced living with Parkinson’s. Following the diagnosis, Coe and her husband researched and read every book they could find and eventually connected with the resources of the Davis Phinney Foundation.

As a long-time fan of boxing, Bill took up boxing to relieve his symptoms. Bill boxes an average of four times a week and is still running one mile in the mornings.  In addition to the physical and mental benefits of boxing, they have found it tremendously supportive socially and they love witnessing the impact it has on their fellow boxers.

For Coe and Bill, living well means finding quality of life each and every day.  It means finding the right medication and exercise for you.  It means exploring all the resources and being open to new ideas and new treatments.  It means connecting with your community which provides social support and being proactive at every stage of the disease.

As an Ambassador, Coe wants to make a difference by raising money, raising awareness, or providing support to others.

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