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Carl Ames


Carl Ames

Carl was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008 at the age of 46. The devoted husband, father of five and grandfather of four refuses to let the effects of the disease keep him from living life to the fullest and encouraging others to do the same. “I don’t wish Parkinson’s on anyone,” Carl says, “but I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience the things that I have with Parkinson’s. My life is richer and I’ve done more with Parkinson’s than without it.”

The operations manager credits a commitment to exercise, a positive attitude and being active in his community as key aspects of how he lives well with the disease. “You are still a person with value and contributions to make, regardless of if you have trouble moving or are in pain or experiencing any of the other effects of Parkinson’s” Carl explains. “As an ambassador, I’m excited to educate others about the Davis Phinney Foundation’s philosophy of living well because everything the Davis Phinney Foundation talks about are things I do every day in my own life. It does make a real difference.”

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Ask Carl about:

  1. Staying active within your community
  2. Exercise
  3. Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

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