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Participate in a Local Event

Participate in a Local Event on Behalf of the Davis Phinney Foundation

Does your family run a Turkey Trot every year? Have you always wanted to take on a marathon and need some great motivation? Does your town host a walk? Do you need a great excuse to hike that mountain, ride that bike or take on some other physical challenge?

Turn your training and participation into a fundraiser to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. Not only will you make an incredible difference for our community, but setting this goal will garner you lots of cheerleaders and help motivate and keep you accountable. A victory for everyone!



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Did you know you can make an even bigger splash by putting together a team or getting a sponsor? Contact us for tips and tools to get started: teamdpf@dpf.org or call 1-720-259-0907.


Questions? Please email us at teamdpf@dpf.org or call 1-720-259-0907

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