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Corporate Partnerships

Your Partnership Makes a Difference

As a corporate partner, there are many benefits to working with the Davis Phinney Foundation. Your support creates meaningful programs and resources that help hundreds of thousands of people with Parkinson’s and their families each year. Our partners also creatively engage employees and customers in helping support wellness goals, medical education and Parkinson’s research. Most importantly, in partnership with the Davis Phinney Foundation, companies can demonstrate their commitment to living well, inspiring action and connecting the community. The Davis Phinney Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making your support tax-deductible. 


The Davis Phinney Foundation recognizes our corporate partners in many ways, including through our website, various publications, e-newsletters, conferences and special events. Read our Annual Report to learn more about what your corporate partnership supports. 

To learn more about the benefits of corporate partnerships, contact Rich Cook, Director of Development:  rcook@dpf.org | 303.733.3340

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Our Corporate Partners

The Davis Phinney Foundation is proud to recognize Lundbeck, a global pharmaceutical company that is committed to helping people who are living with brain disorders, including Parkinson’s. Lundbeck has been actively involved with the Davis Phinney Foundation since 2014 and has significantly supported of our signature educational programs. In 2018, the Foundation partnered with Lundbeck on the Parkinson’s Sidekicks™ program with a goal of fostering positive, meaningful connections between youth and people with Parkinson’s.
In 2007, Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device company, invested in our vision to create educational programs to help people living with Parkinson’s to live well today. They saw something unique and believed that we were the organization to bring that to life. Since that initial seed investment, Medtronic has been instrumental in the Davis Phinney Foundation’s growth and impact in the Parkinson’s community. Medtronic has shown exemplary support and leadership for educational outreach in serving people and families affected by Parkinson’s.
AbbVie, a research-driven biopharmaceutical company, has been a leading corporate partner with the Foundation since 2012, with significant support for our educational programs. In 2018, AbbVie invested in our initiative to adapt the Every Victory Counts® manual into a teaching curriculum for instructors and support group leaders worldwide.