Welcome to Sidekicks.

We are so glad you will be joining us for a Sidekicks program to share stories in fun and creative ways. This program fosters positive, meaningful connections between youth and people living with Parkinson’s disease. Youth participants in Sidekicks also have a lot to gain; an understanding about Parkinson’s, learning ways to practice a positive mindset and to understand people with different experiences than their own – including those with neurological disorders like Parkinson’s.

All Sidekicks program youth participants are required to have a guardian fill out the below registration form. Please ensure you also read and agree to the terms of the program consent and release form, which can also be found below.

Wrong registration form? Fill out the adult registration or volunteer registration forms.

We will also ask for your participation in a pre-program survey and a post-program survey to help us evaluate the program.

Consent and Release Form

Please read and agree to the below consent and release form before completing Sidekicks registration. Indicate that you have read and agree to the form by selecting “yes” in the applicable drop down above.

Sidekicks Youth Consent and Release Form


Contact Kayla Ferguson with questions by email at kferguson@dpf.org or by calling 1-866-358-0285, ext. 108.

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