Every Victory Counts


Your go-to guide for living well with Parkinson’s

You’ll discover:

  • Essential information about Parkinson’s plus dozens of topics (such as complementary therapies) that are frequently overlooked but critical to helping you live well
  • Insights from more than 60 Parkinson’s advocates, clinicians, therapists and scientists who share cutting-edge research, strategies and ideas for living well with Parkinson’s
  • In-depth information (382 pages!) about exercise, nutrition, emotional health, medication, therapies and more
  • More than 30 worksheets you can use to better understand your needs, communicate with your care team and track your progress


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The manual is the most honest, insightful, inspirational and genuinely helpful compilation of information I’ve seen about Parkinson’s. Every doctor who tells a patient they have Parkinson’s should make sure that person leaves their office with an Every Victory Counts manual. It’s a support group in a book.”


The Every Victory Counts manual is an excellent resource for all people affected by Parkinson’s disease. There are first-hand accounts told by people with Parkinson’s as well as reviews of the latest evidence from a range of experts, all told from a positive perspective to empower better understanding of Parkinson’s and how to fight back against it.”