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Every Victory Counts® Parkinson's Guide

Brian ReedyBrian Reedy

Brian was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010 at the age of 49. Brian is a former high school teacher. In his twenty years as a teacher, he taught English, theatre arts, computer literacy, video production and photography. His students won many state and national awards. While teaching, Brian also worked with Adobe for ten years as an Adobe Education Leader, where he received special training and went around the country teaching at conferences and seminars. The greatest blessing of his life was found in the high school library, as his wife Lily was a library assistant. She is the absolute love of his life! She told him after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s that she is not his caregiver, but his care partner. When Lily was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, Brian found out what it means to be a care partner and Lily found what a lot of Brian’s health issues, like daily fatigue, were really like. This shared awareness has made them ready to give back to others.

Last year Brian and Lily became co-directors of their community’s Parkinson’s support group. They attended in the World Parkinson’s Congress in 2013 and 2016, and have been to numerous other Parkinson’s conferences. A few years ago, Brian and Lily appeared in the PBS documentary out of CPBN in Connecticut, “Living With Parkinson’s.” This year they also both appear in the new book, Faces of Parkinson’s: Global Reflections. They are actively finding ways to make a positive difference in the Parkinson’s world and love sharing what they learn so others can see the positives to be found when entering the world of Parkinson’s. Brian and Lily do not let Parkinson’s define them, rather they are actively defining it in their lives. Lily is also featured in the Every Victory Counts manual.