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The Every Victory Counts® Manual Companion Website

Welcome to the Every Victory Counts® Manual Companion Website

This is the place to dig deeper into the topics you’ve read about in your manual, watch or listen to experts from the Parkinson’s professional community, download and print worksheets from your manual and get to know your Parkinson’s Guides better through in-depth, filmed interviews.

Life with Parkinson’s is always changing, and we want to put the latest and most relevant information at your fingertips, every day. That’s why, in addition to the Every Victory Counts manual, we created this companion site as a way to provide you with more inspiration and more tools to help you take action, glimpses into diverse approaches to living well and deeper connections with the Parkinson’s Guides to whom we introduced you in the manual.

We hope you’ll find plenty of information and motivation here, but don’t keep it to yourself! See something that resonates with you? Share that video, podcast or worksheet with your family, friends or support group. Start a conversation about your own experiences, or help someone learn what Parkinson’s is all about. Let this site, along with your manual, be a launching point for your lifetime of wellness with Parkinson’s. Need more? Visit dpf.org/resources for additional educational content.

Click on the categories below to discover videos, podcasts, worksheets and in-depth conversations with the Parkinson’s Guides.