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Category: Dental Health

  • 8-homemade-dentist-approved-snacks

    8 Homemade Dentist-Approved Snacks

    Snacks are important for people with Parkinson’s for a number of different reasons.

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  • top-12-dental-devices

    Top 12 Dental Devices

    Parkinson’s often leads to decreased dental health. Check out these devices and products that can help improve the health of your teeth. 1. Collis Curve Electric Toothbrush – $15.99 The curved design of the bristles allows you to clean all 3 sides of your teeth at the same time while eliminating

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  • parkinsons-treatments-and-dental-care

    Parkinson’s Treatments and Dental Care

    Regular dental care can minimize the risk of experiencing pain and discomfort, but most importantly, it can reduce the risk of infection. Understanding medication side effects is an important step to improving dental health.   Q: Which Parkinson’s-related medications cause oral side effects? To understand medication’s side effects, you must

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