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Webinar Registration: Women and Parkinson’s with Dr. Michelle Fullard


Webinar Registration: Women and Parkinson’s with Dr. Michelle Fullard

More men than women are diagnosed with Parkinson’s by a ratio of nearly 2:1. But the rate of diagnosis is not the only difference. Women and men diagnosed with Parkinson’s experience differences when it comes to presenting symptoms, sleep problems, cognitive impact, responses to surgery, medication side effects, emotional health, the care partner experience and more. In this webinar, Dr. Fullard will address:

  • Symptom presentation differences
  • Motor and non-motor symptom differences
  • Differences in Parkinson’s progression
  • Accessibility of care
  • Caregiver issues
  • Disparities in outcomes
  • Quality of life differences
  • And much more

You’ll also have a chance to ask Dr. Fullard your questions.

Dr. Michelle Fullard works in the Movement Disorders section of the University of Colorado Department of Neurology as an Assistant Professor. She completed her undergraduate and medical education at Vanderbilt University. She completed Neurology residency at the University of Virginia where she served as Chief Resident in her final year.

Following residency, Dr. Fullard completed a Movement Disorders fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, during which time she also pursued a Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology. Prior to joining the Neurology department at the University of Colorado, she spent a year as an Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia VA PADRECC (Parkinson’s Disease Research, Education, and Clinical Centers (PADRECCs). Her research interests include health care utilization and health outcomes in Parkinson’s.

To register for this free webinar, click here. If you’re unable to make it at the scheduled time, register anyway and we’ll send you a recording as soon as it’s available.

This webinar is sponsored* by Kyowa Kirin.

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