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Help Us Make an Impact on Colorado Gives Day


Help Us Make an Impact on Colorado Gives Day

Our ambassador, Steve Emerson (above), practices his daily exercise to stay motivated and live well.

Donate Through CO Gives Website

Steve’s Story

When he got the Parkinson’s diagnosis, Steve felt anger and resentment. He said to himself, “Hey, I’m a good guy. I don’t deserve this. Why me?” 

Steve decided to take action and embraced the Davis Phinney Foundation philosophy to live well today. He has thrived by committing to total wellness – physically and emotionally.

“Diagnosis creates a fresh wound, but we have a choice in how we face it. Attitude is everything. That’s why I so enthusiastically support the Davis Phinney Foundation. Their proactive approach to Parkinson’s makes a very real difference every single day.” – STEVE

A social worker, therapist and life coach for many years, Steve is a natural Davis Phinney Foundation ambassador. People recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he says, have to go through the process. Steve shares our free resources and tools to help them get started on their path to living well.

Help Us Continue to Make a Difference.

Don’t delay! Donate before Midnight on December 6th for Colorado Gives Day. Your support enables us to make an immediate impact in the lives of people with Parkinson’s – like Steve.

Donate Through CO Gives Website

When you make a donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation through the Colorado Gives website, we receive additional monies from the statewide incentive fund. Contributions from individuals account for nearly two-thirds of our annual operating budget.

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