We have invested $1.2 million in funding of early-phase research that focuses on exercise, speech, movement and other factors that affect quality of life.

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Through our Science Advisory Board, the Davis Phinney Foundation has committed to research funding through the 2013 calendar year.

For 2013-2014, the Davis Phinney Foundation is funding Dr. E Ray Dorsey of Johns Hopkins Hospital’s study, “Using Telemedicine to Deliver Patient-Centered Care to Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Anywhere.” This study will assess the feasibility of telemedicine for people with Parkinson’s, and address such challenges as distance to doctors offices, disability difficulties, and distribution of neurologists.

The Davis Phinney Foundattion has released a 2014 call for grant funding applications. The deadline for letter of intent submission is 5:00 pm MST, March 21, 2014. Funding priorities are programs and research that explore topics affecting and impacting quality of life. Details can be found here.

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