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How walking to a beat could help relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

By Daily Mail Reporter, www.dailymail.co.uk

Walking to music could help patients with Parkinson’s disease, according to new research.

A study found healthy individuals improved their gait after undergoing trials in which they moved in step to a beat.

Scientists believe the same technique could improve the symptoms of patients with the disease which causes shaking and problems getting about.

They say their findings published in PLOS One show the potential of auditory, visual and tactile cues in the treatment of victims of such conditions.

Engineer Dr Ervin Sejdic, of the University of Pittsburgh, and colleagues analysed the effects of various mechanically produced beats, known as ‘metronomic stimuli’, on fifteen adults.

The volunteers, aged between 18 and 30, took part in two sessions consisting of five fifteen minute tsts in which they walked with different cues.

The first was at their preferred speed, and then they were asked to walk to do it to a specific rhythm produced by way of visuals, sound or touch.
Finally they walk with all three cues simultaneously, the pace of which was set to that of the first trial. Read more the rest of the article.

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