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Some Parkinson’s Patients Discover Artistic Side

WebMD News from HealthDay, www.webmd.com

THURSDAY, Jan. 31 (HealthDay News) — Some people with Parkinson’s disease discover untapped artistic abilities after their diagnosis — a phenomenon that seems to be related to their dopamine-enhancing medication.

Over the years, reports have popped up in the medical literature on Parkinson’s patients who suddenly discover they are painters, sculptors or writers at heart.

Dan Joseph is one of them. After being diagnosed with the movement disorder a dozen years ago, the former doctor eventually took up painting. But it wasn’t because he planned on becoming an artist.

“A friend of mine said, ‘You’re not doing anything. Why don’t you paint?'” said Joseph, a 79-year-old Santa Barbara, Calif., resident.

He decided to follow that advice and soon discovered that when he painted, his hand tremors improved. He also discovered that he actually had talent; about six years after first picking up a paintbrush, Joseph has had three solo art exhibitions.

No one knows how common it is for Parkinson’s patients to find their inner painter or creative writer, according to Dr. Rivka Inzelberg, of Tel Aviv University and Sheba Medical Center, in Israel. Read the rest of the article here.

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