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Best Parkinson’s Disease Websites: 7 Sites Where PD Caregivers Can Find Help

Best Parkinson’s Disease Websites: Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s

The Davis Phinney Foundation strives to provide inspiration and hope for the Parkinson’s community. The Victory Summit‘s free, traveling symposia for patients and caregivers of Parkinson’s visits cities throughout the U.S. It provides education, raises funds, and showcases opportunities to start victory events in other cities.

Equipping Parkinson’s Patients With Wellness Tools

The Living Well Challenge is an educational series of “webisodes” and worksheets from PD experts. Webisode topics include exercise, medical and surgical therapies, sleep and fatigue, nutrition, emotional support, safety, and more.

Additionally, the site’s Live Well Todaysection provides tips to help Parkinson’s patients and caregivers live well, with a focus on exercise, humor, nutrition, sleep, and deep brain stimulation.

See DavisPhinneyFoundation.org now.

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