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As an Olympic Bronze medalist and Tour de France stage winner, Davis Phinney has celebrated the most victories of any cyclist in American history. From the late 1970s until his retirement from professional cycling in 1993, Davis achieved more wins – 328 victories in all – than any other US Cyclist. Along with Lance Armstrong and Greg LeMond, Davis is one of only three Americans to win multiple stages of the Tour de France, the world’s most prestigious bike race.

In 2000, after years of feeling not quite right, and an almost endless round of tests, Davis was diagnosed with Young-onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD). Finally, the years of battling constant fatigue, the mental fogginess, the muscle cramping and bouts of sudden numbing weakness had a name.

Shortly after his Parkinson’s diagnosis, Davis, his wife (Olympic medalist Connie Carpenter) and their two children moved to Italy, in part to adjust to the disease and in part because many of their Bike Camps were based in Italy. While living in Italy, Davis was contacted by a former Bike Camp client Kathleen Krumme who asked Davis to lend his name to her ride in Cincinnati to benefit PD. And from those beginnings, the Davis Phinney Foundation was born.

Realizing that there are ways to improve the quality of his day-to-day living, Davis started the Davis Phinney Foundation as a way to promote and fund innovative research that demonstrates the effects and importance of exercise, speech and other elements that are critical to quality of life.

Since 2004, the Davis Phinney Foundation has invested more than $3.8 million in initiatives to support, inform and inspire people living with Parkinson’s to live well today.

Over $1.2 million in research funding has been invested in innovative, early-phase studies that focus on exercise, speech, movement and other factors that affect quality of life. More than 15,000 people living with this disease have been directly touched by one of our programs or through Davis Phinney’s inspirational message: it is possible to live well with Parkinson’s today.

More than 60 international, national and local foundations, movement disorder centers and hospitals have provided support, information and partnerships to ensure that our programming reaches those who can benefit most.

The Davis Phinney Foundation has one position posted on AH Jobs List today:

Development Director
Davis Phinney Foundation

We are seeking an individual to join our dynamic and growing nonprofit organization based in Boulder, CO as the Director of Development. Reporting to and in partnership with the Executive Director, you will conceive, plan and execute development initiatives with a goal of expanding the reach and impact of our well-regarded national organization.

The Development Director’s wide variety of responsibilities will range from being aspirational to requiring a keen focus on detail and analysis. In this role, no two weeks will look the same, as you will be integrally involved in many facets of the Davis Phinney Foundation, from strategic to operational. To this end, a successful candidate will be self-motivated, innovative and flexible. You should be able to effortlessly switch from working behind a desk to envision and lay the groundwork for a corporate sponsorship program to traveling across the country to meet with partners and donors. You will be planning a fundraising event one day and the next you will be immersed in data analysis and decision-making. When you aren’t networking, you might be researching grant funding for Parkinson’s disease and community building or leading the board’s development committee — and everything in between.

As a member of this small, passionate and driven team, you’ll find yourself devoted to our cause, laughing at work, pushing yourself to explore new territories and challenges, and meeting incredible people who will inspire you daily.

If you would thrive in this environment and you are interested in making a difference in the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s, consider applying for this opportunity by writing and telling us about an innovative development initiative that you designed and why it made a difference for your organization. Please limit your story to 300 words and send directly to Polly Dawkins, Executive Director of the Davis Phinney Foundation at jobs@davisphinneyfoundation.org.

Andrew Hudson

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