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Hot Straw Wins one of the Best New Products at Seattle Coffee Fest!


Adam Broetje, Marketing Manager
Hot Straw, LLC

Hot Straw Wins one of the Best New Products at Seattle Coffee Fest!

Seattle, Washington September 24th 2012 – Hot Straw was the talk of the coffee convention this past weekend after winning an award as one of the Best New Products of the show!

Hot Straw is the only plastic straw on the market that doesn’t break down or leach chemicals when immersed in hot beverages. Originally designed to offer Parkinson’s patients a safe way to drink hot liquids, Hot Straw is shaped to double as a spill-stopper in standard to-go coffee lids.

“We knew we had something interesting simply based on the feedback from our recent online sales,” said Dawn Miracle, Founder of Hot Straw. “But we had no idea the reception would be this warm and welcoming. We couldn’t be more excited!”

Thus far the purchases of Hot Straws have been mostly women who are looking forward to a healthier way to not only save their teeth from coffee stains, but to keep their lipstick intact. However Dawn is sticking to her roots and planning to put a big push into the medical industry. “The whole idea of Hot Straw was to give my Parkinson’s patients a healthy way to live as normal a life as possible. It’s a huge mental battle for Parkinson’s patients and getting them back to daily routine with a morning cup of coffee is a big win.” said Dawn. “Now I know they aren’t drinking chemicals from their straw breaking down.”

To help keep up with the new level of demand for Hot Straw, they have recently launched a Crowd-funding campaign on the Indiegogo platform to help pay for clinical studies of plastics in hot liquids. “While we know normal straws are not FDA approved for use in hot beverages, just how many chemicals they leach into the drink is still unknown.” said Adam Broetje, Director of Marketing for Hot Straw. “We’re hoping to shed some light on the topic and help everyone become more aware of what they’re drinking every morning.”

Hot Straws are offered at a discount for the Crowd-funding campaign and are available at www.indiegogo.com/hotstraw.

For more information visit www.hotstraw.com or email adam@hotstraw.com

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