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U.S. clinical trial begun for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease


Boston Scientific is conducting clinical trials in the United States for a system that improves motor function in people who have Parkinson’s Disease.

The biomedical company’s deep brain stimulation device and system – Vercise DBS – has already been approved overseas in Europe, Israel and Australia.

“We started a clinical trial in the United States,” said Maulik Nanavaty, PhD and president of the Neuromodulation business unit at Santa Clarita’s Boston Scientific. “The first patient began at Cedars-Sinai in July.”

While there is no known cure for Parkinson’s, medical scientists do know the disease is tied to a reduced number of cells in the brain that produce dopamine.

The brain chemical dopamine helps control muscle movement. Parkinson’s occurs when the nerve cells in the brain that make dopamine are slowly destroyed, according to the National Library of Medicine. Without dopamine, the nerve cells in the brain cannot properly send messages leading to loss of muscle function. Read more here.

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