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Big Weekend for Parkinson’s Awareness!

Moving Forward

Post written by Dr. Bradley Hiner

The Davis Phinney Foundation is bringing their Victory Summit to the Milwaukee area on Saturday, Oct. 10. They have closed registration — having reserved spots for 550 people! They will videotape the event and make it available for no charge through their website www.davisphinneyfoundation.org.

The fact that 550 people are coming out for this, tells me something. It tells me that people with Parkinson’s are anxious to learn about ways they can deal with the disease through exercise. That’s the mission of the Davis Phinney Foundation — to teach people with Parkinson’s about the value of exercise and let them experience small victories every day by actually implementing their exercise program.

The day after the Summit, we will be giving folks a chance to actually act on this message. We are putting on Moving Forward: Ride/Walk for Parkinson’s on Sunday, Oct. 11 at the beachfront of Pewaukee Lake. You can still register to ride or walk on at www.davisphinneyfoundation.org. I’m riding. So is Dr. Hung. Dr.

Blindauer is walking. Most of our Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders team is participating in some way. Many of our colleagues in Neurology and throughout Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin are either riding, walking, volunteering or donating. You can even register the morning of the event.

I am most impressed by our patients that are riding, walking, volunteering and donating. George, a young onset patient, has gotten his company to donate all the post-ride food and his wife and kids and friends are cooking it and serving it. George has been training to ride the 100K. That’s farther than I am going to attempt!

Bill has raised $2,000 in sponsors and almost $4,000 in donations. His wife has put together all the registration volunteers. Bill has been training to do the 14 mile route around the lake.

Maureen is treating the event like a family reunion. She has riders, walkers, volunteers and donors from a four-state area. Maureen and her kids will walk the two miles; but I won’t be surprised to see her riding in the future. She is the front-runner for winning the top fund-raiser’s prize of a custom fit Road Bike donated by Transition Cycle and Training.

There are many, many more patients and families that are getting behind this event. Some are coming to see “the first family of cycling:” Davis Phinney and his wife Connie Carpenter — both Olympic Medalists — and their son, Taylor Phinney, cycling phenomenon. But most are coming because they believe exercise is an important component to a healthy, happy life. And yes, a person with Parkinson’s can have a healthy, happy life. I meet them every day in the clinic and I will be seeing hundreds of them this weekend. I hope you can join us.

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