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Aquatic Therapy Provides Hope for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Free Webinar on Subject Offered by HydroWorx and ICAA

The loss of physical abilities typically associated with Parkinson’s disease may not be inevitable. Researchers and physical therapists have begun to study the correlation between aquatic therapy and Parkinson’s, and the outcomes have been nothing short of remarkable.

Middletown, PA (PRWEB) March 20, 2013

Parkinson’s disease. It’s a diagnosis that elicits visions of limited mobility, balance problems and, in some cases, early mortality. However, those with this condition are finding new therapeutic activities to help stave off Parkinson’s disabling effects. One such beneficial treatment technique is regular aquatic therapy implemented in a therapy pool with an embedded underwater treadmill.

Aquatic therapy has been proven to offer incredible strength, lean muscle, balance and flexibility gains in all populations, including those with paralysis or limited movements. As a method of helping Parkinson’s disease sufferers remain as independent as possible, aquatic therapy performed in a specialized HydroWorx pool with integrated underwater treadmill has helped individuals like Lila D. Lecy make tremendous strides… literally.

As Lecy explains, her atypical Parkinson’s (brought on by a trauma rather than congenital means) had caused her to lose mobility and function. Unwilling to give in to the idea of a future where she was confined to a wheelchair, she turned to aquatic therapy in a HydroWorx pool to help her body recoup much of the movement it had lost. Through rigorous, creative aquatic exercises guided by a knowledgeable physical therapist, she slowly began to regain good posture, balance and strength. Today, Lecy can confidently walk on land (even in high heels!) without issue, and she credits her good health to her consistently-performed aquatic therapy exercises. Read the rest of the press release here.

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