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Living Well Today with Parkinson’s Disease

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Living Well Today with Parkinson’s Disease

In this 30-minute Living Well Challenge™ webisode, Monique Giroux, MD shares her holistic approach to effective management of Parkinson’s disease and highlights ways that people can take action to improve their quality of life and achieve optimum wellness.

Consider watching the Living Well Challenge video with friends, family or your support group. We’ve created a discussion guide specially designed to help facilitate a discussion about the concepts introduced by Dr. Giroux. How will you put information into action and live well today with Parkinson’s?

View the discussion guide for “Living Well Today with Parkinson’s” HERE

Dr. Giroux has responded to some commonly asked questions about concerns shared by people affected by Parkinson’s. Click on the Q&A link below to see Dr. Giroux’s recommendations.

Parkinson’s Q&A with Monique Giroux, MD

View the slides from Dr. Giroux’s presentation HERE

Living Well Today with Parkinson’s Disease from Davis Phinney Foundation on Vimeo.