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PD Exercise FAQ

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The Davis Phinney Foundation surveyed more than 200 people with Parkinson’s on the topic of exercise. We asked a panel of Parkinson’s experts to address the most frequently asked questions.

The Panel of Experts

  • Matthew Ford,  PhD, PT, MA – Samford University
  • Terry Ellis, PhD, PT, NCS – Boston University
  • Lee Dibble, PhD, PT, ATC – University of Utah
  • Mark Hirsch, PhD – Carolinas Rehabilitation, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

For more information on exercise, including suggested home and fitness center workouts and guidance on making your favorite activities more effective for Parkinson’s, check out the free “Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials” video on DVD or download.


Benefits of Exercise for People with Parkinson’s

Role of Exercise as Part of Treatment Plan

Exercises for People with Parkinson’s

Frequency and Intensity of Exercise

Exercise and Young Onset Parkinson’s

Effect of Exercise on Parkinson’s Symptoms

Effect of Exercise on Cognitive Function

Role of Medication in Effective Management of Parkinson’s

Physical Therapy and Insurance Reimbursement

Research on Exercise and Parkinson’s

Exercise That is Right for You

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