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Parkinson's Exercise Essentials Video Resources

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butch_armstretch_webNow that you have your copy of Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials: Getting Started, Staying Motivated and Seeing Results., we want you to stay motivated and stick with your exercise program.

On this page, you’ll find printable exercise sheets for the At Home and Fitness Center routines as seen in the video. Explore the links to other resources to support your efforts and help you progress your routine. Keep checking this page, because we’ll be adding videos and more information soon.

karon_exercise_smlDid you receive a DVD from a healthcare provider, support group or entity other than the Davis Phinney Foundation? If so, please register* your copy with us so that we can alert you when new material becomes available.

*(If you got your DVD or downloaded the video from the Davis Phinney Foundation, YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER AGAIN.)


Additional Resources on Exercise and Parkinson’s

Fitness Center Cardio Equipment

Thinking of exercising at your community fitness center but not sure where to start? If you’re new to this kind of exercise, watch our video tour of some of the most common types of cardio machines. The trainers on staff should be able to help you find the best machine to meet your needs and make sure that it’s adjusted properly to fit you. Don’t forget to ask if anyone on staff has familiarity with Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders. Even if they don’t, they might be able to refer you to a trainer or physical therapist in your area who can help design a program that’s perfect for you.

Tour of Aerobic Machines for Parkinson’s Fitness Warmup from Davis Phinney Foundation on Vimeo.


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The Living Well Challenge
Living Well Challenge™ Educational Webinar Series
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The Victory Summit
The Victory Summit® National Symposia Series
As many as 1,000 people come together in local communities for a day of inspiration and learning, with presentations by nationally recognized researchers, clinicians and physical therapists. Check to see if The Victory Summit is coming to a city near you.


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