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“Shaky Paws”: Author’s Approach to Explaining Parkinson’s to Young Children

Kirk Hall has written a children’s book, “Carson and His Shaky Paws Grampa,” that shares the relationship that he and his seven year-old grandson have developed. Written in Carson’s words, the book tells about the experiences they have shared since he was an infant and then talks about how “Grampa” changed and developed “shaky paws” (Parkinson’s disease) and then had a “special procedure” (deep brain stimulation surgery) that stopped the shaking. It is a story about love, relationships, and how Kirk chose to communicate with Carson about his illness and the operation that has had such a positive impact.

The book will be published by Innovo Publishing in 8.5×11.5 laminated hardback and will retail for $19.99. It will be available in October 2011. The book features sixteen ink and watercolor sketches by illustrator Alison Paolini (who also has Parkinson’s) in a 20-page format. A note to parents and grandparents talks about the challenges involved when communicating with children regarding serious illness. Information on Parkinson’s and relevant resources is included. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to support Parkinson’s research. You can pre-order the book at http://www.innovopublishing.com/Featured-Book-Shaky-Paws-Grampa.html and follow Kirk via his terrific blog at http://shakypawsgrampa.blogspot.com/


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