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Living Well Today: April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Spring cleaning? How about a fresh start to living well today with Parkinson’s, too? There are lots of ways for you to renew your commitment to making the most of every day starting this April, Parkinson’s Awareness Month.


Check out a brand new Living Well Challenge webisode on a topic we call can relate to: sleep. Dr. Gary Leo explains the causes behind common Parkinson’s sleep challenges and offers strategies you can try today to sleep better tonight.


Have you ever been curious about participating in Parkinson’s research?  Clinical trial recruitment is a challenge across all diseases. 30% of all clinical trials fail to recruit a single subject, and 85% of trials finish late due to recruitment troubles. Fox Trial Finder (FTF) is out to change that with a web-based clinical trial matching tool that connects willing volunteers with the Parkinson’s clinical trials that urgently need them.


Learn more about DBS by exploring a new website, knowbeforeyouneed.com for people who might benefit from DBS therapy. Don’t forget to also check out the Living Well Challenge: Panel Discussion on DBS.





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