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Cross-country biker for Parkinson’s encounters deer, beaver and dogs on the road


Pedaling for Parkinson’s Awareness

Steve Quam is an Anderson County, S.C. resident who is making his second cross-country trip to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease, which he was diagnosed with four years ago. Each week he will send in an update about his journey. He started the trip on Edisto Island on April 15, and is bound for Newport, Ore.

 Cross country biker for Parkinsons encounters deer, beaver and dogs on the road
Steve Quam of Anderson practices riding his bike along Broadway Lake Road in Anderson. Quam, who has Parkinson’s disease, will set off on a cross-country bike ride next week to raise money for the Davis Phinney Foundation, whose focus is helping people live a healthy life with the disease.






On April 17, I left Denmark, S.C., and pedaled to Aiken, where I was treated royally by my friend Bill. Bill introduced me to some newspaper reporters, and he supported me for about 10 miles, taking countless pictures on April 18. By that evening, I had pedaled to Johnston, S.C.

Another couple of hosts, Dan and Debra, were terrific, and with their help, I was able to share my story at a Bible study that evening. Riding the next day, I saw three deer (together) and one beaver. I had gourmet home-grilled pork chops at Bob and Jackie’s in Greenwood, S.C., and was able to talk at the monthly Gold Wing Road Riders Association Chapter M meeting. On April 20, I saw a hawk on the way home to Anderson. I arrived just in time to hitch a ride with my wife, Jeanne, to the monthly Walk to Emmaus gathering. Low and behold, I was asked to talk since the scheduled speaker couldn’t make it.

On Saturday, I was warmly welcomed to Georgia, just southeast of Hartwell, by Lamar, Pam and family and met their pastor. On Sunday, I pedaled to Watson Mill State Park, which is east of Athens. That day was a day filled with dog encounters. I fended off three dogs from one house, and three more dogs were added to the mix when I reached the very next house. I survived, and the six dogs weren’t any worse for the wear. On Monday, I faced cold head winds and steep rolling hills. I was well taken care of that evening at Watkinsville, Ga., First United Methodist Church. Thanks Wes!

I had traveled 312 miles in total as of Tuesday evening.

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