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  • how-facial-masking-influences-perception-and-relationships

    How Facial Masking Influences Perception and Relationships

    My dad’s face, like many people with Parkinson’s who experience facial masking, is less expressive and more neutral than one would expect, given the content of his conversation.

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  • how-will-you-live-well-in-2017

    How Will You Live Well in 2017?

    A new year brings a chance to honestly assess what’s working and what could be changed. Whether you subscribe to resolutions or not, we want to help you be your best and live well with Parkinson’s. Living well with Parkinson’s means staying active, engaged, informed, connected and courageous each and every day. Since

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  • jan-williams-story-living-well-together

    Jan Williams’ Story: Living Well, Together

    Donate Now to Support Living Well How my life changed When my husband, Joe, was first diagnosed in 2010, I felt like the rug had been pulled from underneath my feet. Thankfully, by some greater power, two people planted the seeds that changed the course of this disease for us

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  • chat-with-confidence-tips-for-the-holidays

    Chat with Confidence: Tips for the Holidays

    Holiday celebrations are a wonderful chance to catch up with family and friends; however, communicating in noisy environments can pose a challenge for people with Parkinson’s. The good news is that speech can be improved relatively quickly by taking appropriate action now. We’ve got some great tips for communicating clearly

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  • amplify-your-voice-how-to-find-a-speech-language-pathologist-for-parkinsons

    Amplify Your Voice: How to Find a Speech Language Pathologist for Parkinson’s

    It is important to see a speech language pathologist (SLP) with the right training and background to treat many of the common issues associated with Parkinson’s. Before you hire a SLP, take a few practical steps to ensure that you find someone who is a good fit for your specific

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  • joe-williams-story-living-well-with-parkinsons

    Joe Williams’ Story: Living Well with Parkinson’s

    Click Here to Support Living Well Joe’s Story Today, I’m tired. This 42-mile bike ride is forcing me to dig deep. My son, Peter, is at my side and lets me pull lead. He tucks in behind me, allowing me to fight the headwinds, to battle on my own and

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  • preparing-people-to-meet-someone-with-parkinsons

    Preparing People to Meet Someone with Parkinson’s

    Written by Kelsey Phinney, BS Neuroscience, Middlebury College, 2016 As we head into a season filled with family and friends, I wanted to take a moment to share how I prepare people to meet my dad who has Parkinson’s so that the time we spend together is as comfortable as possible

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  • 9-easy-tips-for-a-better-nights-sleep

    9 Easy Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

    Sleep issues are very common among people with Parkinson’s. Often changes in sleeping habits are among the first signs of Parkinson’s. Fortunately, there are changes you can make to improve your ability to get the rest you need. Sleep hygiene is an umbrella term for different actions you can take

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  • easy-adjustments-to-enjoy-holiday-meals

    Easy Adjustments to Enjoy Holiday Meals

    Gathering with family and friends to share a special meal is a time-honored tradition for many around the holidays. While the effects of Parkinson’s often make meals a challenge, planning and creativity can help you make the most of your time together around the table with loved ones this season.  

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